Veteran led. Science based. Target driven.

O2X works with first responder communities, the military, and federal agencies to optimize every aspect of their most valuable resource, their people.

We bring physical and mental training directly to you. Each program is customized to meet your needs and executed by our team of over 150 world-class athletes, special operations veterans, and renowned academics.

Who We Serve

O2X partners with hundreds of departments, agencies, and organizations around the globe to provide critical resources to those with the toughest jobs.

Our Focus


Proper nutrition for fueling physical health and cognitive performance.


Goal-based physical training programs designed to reduce injury risk and improve conditioning.


A systematic approach to increasing recovery, building resilience, managing stress, and optimizing mental health.

In the military, the X represents a target; one that is best hit by optimizing our forces. Our name is a direct reflection of our mission, to help you reach your target and “Optimize to the X” by getting 1% better every day.

So, what’s your 1%?

Feedback from the Field

  • William Spillane
    Chief, Dedham Fire Dept.
    O2X Human Performance has shown our department that change is possible and achievable and that personal goals lead to team goals. Small changes each day can really lead to major improvements in the firefighters’ professional and personal lives.
    William Spillane
    Chief, Dedham Fire Dept.
  • Joseph E. Finn
    Fire Commissioner/ Chief of Department (Retired)
    The O2X workshops, training, and resources saved BFD members, saved the city money, and the men and women of the BFD loved it. I truly recommend their programs for any fire department- you won't regret it.
    Joseph E. Finn
    Fire Commissioner/ Chief of Department (Retired)
  • Ted Donato
    Coach, Harvard Men's Ice Hockey
    O2X is our secret weapon. Their program is developing elite competitors on and off the ice.
    Ted Donato
    Coach, Harvard Men's Ice Hockey
  • James A.
    SOF operator
    I came for the workout and injury prevention/rehab information and left with so much more. I wasn't looking forward to the mental health side of your training at all and found that was exactly what I needed most. I can't say enough good things about every aspect of this course.
    James A.
    SOF operator
  • John Myers
    President, IAFF 3756
    O2X truly educates the student that health and wellness encompass every aspect of your life and not just your workout routine. The amount of information presented to the students makes it easy to start with the littlest change and build from there to improve your lifestyle and health (both mental and physical).
    John Myers
    President, IAFF 3756
  • Ben P.
    Law Enforcement Officer
    The O2X program was by far the most well organized and well presented program that I have ever attended...This program is going to change the face of the emergency services in our country.
    Ben P.
    Law Enforcement Officer
  • Allison S.
    Federal LEO
    All I can say is "Thank you" for giving us this opportunity. I'm not sure I can explain or you could know just how impactful this course was. Thank you.
    Allison S.
    Federal LEO