About Us

Our goal is to help you optimize to the X.

With decades of combined service to our country as members of the Special Operations community, O2X began with a shared desire to continue to serve others. The company name is a direct reflection of its mission: “Optimize to the X.” In the military, the X always represented our target. And our target was not always the same, nor was it always simple or straightforward. We continuously sought a competitive edge over our enemy and consistently looked for the most optimal way to hit our target.

At O2X, we believe that incremental changes lead to major improvements. Our program is designed to teach individuals and teams how to get 1% better everyday.

Founded by Navy SEALs, O2X Human Performance began with a shared desire to continue to serve others – particularly those who serve our communities. Our mission has been clear from the start: to maximize human performance. To accomplish that, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to optimizing mental and physical health, increase productivity, and improve overall wellbeing in all spheres of life. Our target is to help tactical athletes finish their careers as strong as they started.

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