Frederick County Fire and Rescue

Frederick, MD | September 2019- Present


In September of 2019, Frederick County Fire and Rescue began a partnership with O2X Human Performance to reduce the occurrence of injuries and illness that are common across the fire service. This partnership with O2X has been implemented into both the Recruit Academy training and the firefighters in the field. Along with the physical conditioning and injury prevention practices, O2X is implementing strategies to teach firefighters how to get both mentally and physically 1% better every day on and off the fireground.


  • Full-time O2X Human Performance Specialist on-site
  • Routine Firehouse visits at 22 stations across 3 shifts.
  • Body Composition and injury assessment screenings with personalized feedback and results for entire department.
  • Custom recruit academy human performance training program design and implementation
  • All members have access to O2X online training, education, and resources
  • Regular distribution of O2X EAT SWEAT THRIVE deliverables to all stations


  • 448 O2X Portal Sign Ups
  • O2X Human Performance Assessments, data analysis, and state-of-the-force reporting for leadership.
  • Department wide body composition screenings, injury prevention analysis, and risk assessment reporting.
  • 100+ In-Person Firehouse Visits
  • 100+ Training sessions with Recruit Academies
  • 42 Individual Firefighter Consultations
  • 1 New O2X Work Performance Evaluation (WPE) preparatory program
  • 1 New 28-week O2X comprehensive recruit academy human Performance training program


2019 - Present


I started using the EAT section of the portal to play my meals. The recipes are great. Since I started planning out my meals using the O2X portal, I’ve lost 5lbs.

I didn’t know how bad my mobility and flexibility really were until O2X took us through a stretching routine. I now do them at home, and I’ve noticed a difference in how I feel during morning PT.

O2X is very supportive during my academy training. It’s also pretty cool to see that they put our class on their social media.

O2X has been a great resource to the department. They have shown that they truly care about the people they work with.

Whenever I have a question for Kayla she gets back to me so quickly. I really appreciate the dedication O2X has to their athletes.

The recipes from on the portal are awesome. My family uses them for dinner ideas.

O2X is one of the best things the division has done for us in a while.