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Wherever you are…whenever you need it, The O2X Portal is a central location where members can access resources including healthy recipes, physical conditioning programs, mental performance tools, and educational content in each pillar of Human Performance.

The online Portal contains training and education in each component of O2X’s EAT SWEAT THRIVE curriculum.

Members can access all of the resources provided in an O2X Workshop 24/7, and The Portal offers comprehensive assessments where individuals can track and measure their performance and receive guidance on the necessary steps to reach their goals.

In addition, our Contact an Expert feature allows direct access to our extensive network of O2X Specialists across the country.

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What's Inside?

The O2X Portal contains extensive resources from our 3 foundational pillars: EAT SWEAT THRIVE. Within the Portal, you’ll find easy-to-navigate subject matter broken down to help you reach your individual goals.

Under the EAT category, for example, you’ll find meals presented by food types (i.e., poultry), and you’ll have access to hundreds of O2X-vetted recipes by food type. Select chicken, and you’ll find a variety of meals all designed to be healthy and tasty.

Our O2X Specialists are the authors behind of EAT SWEAT THRIVE resources, which are regularly curated to ensure the most current and quality content available to you.


Nutrition resources developed exclusively by O2X experts.

You get healthy recipes designed by O2X specialists that provide balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, you’ll receive nutrition tips, cooking secrets, and education on proper nutrition, enabling you to adopt a healthy diet for optimal performance.


Strength, conditioning, aerobic workouts, injury prevention tools, and resources.

With over 1,000 days of periodized training plans, we maintain a diverse collection of strength and conditioning, aerobic programs ranging for those looking to compete, as well as for those simply looking to maintaining good health. These proven programs prepare athletes and professionals in a variety of ways, from 5Ks and ultramarathons, to injury prevention & recovery and comprehensive routines targeting specific tactical athlete careers.


Resilience, mindfulness, and sleep tools.

At O2X, we instill in our training that cognitive capacity is significant in terms of your health and wellness. As a result, our library of mental performance training tools, breathing exercises, and mindfulness drills, all aid in stress management, and focus the mind during times of high when you need to perform. The goal is to improve productivity and mental performance in high-stress scenarios, no matter the environment.