The science-backed human performance development program is delivered through in-person trainings, virtual resources, assessments, and analysis.  This multidisciplinary approach is designed to optimize mental and physical health, increase productivity, and maximize performance and longevity in all spheres of life.


In-Person Workshops | Screenings & Assessments | Team Reporting & Analysis | On-Site Staffing | Virtual Resources & Education

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Our in-person workshops are our cornerstone product and set the tone for all of our other efforts. 

Our approach to Human Performance begins with our EAT SWEAT THRIVE curriculum, which was designed to make a lasting impact on the health, safety, and performance of tactical athletes and elite organizations. Our world-class training is accredited and allows you and your staff to earn continuing education credits through:


Provide a baseline, identify team-wide trends, and show progress over time.

Using a proprietary algorithm, O2X developed an assessment that determines a baseline analysis of human performance for each participant. From these assessments, we are able to create department- and team-wide reports for organization leadership.

O2X also utilizes 3D motion capture technology to identify areas of injury risk and vulnerabilities in order to create concrete personalized plans and implement proper prehabilitation and prevention protocols.


Education and training that doesn’t end when you leave the classroom.


We provide a variety of virtual offerings and resources that include: healthy recipes, physical conditioning programs, mental performance tools, and educational content in each category of human performance. 


These tools are distributed through our Portal, quarterly magazine, and a continuously growing list of digital offerings that ensure access to the latest science and research and practical tools you can use to get 1% better every day.


Let O2X do the work to screen, hire, and bring a fully vetted specialist to your organization.

O2X On-Site staffing is designed for agencies looking to fill a full-time human performance position. This allows departments to let O2X control the screening, hiring and employment of a fully vetted and certified specialist to improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of your members. O2X custom tailors the position to your organizational needs and the program allows you to conduct screenings and integrate individual needs with department performance enhancement programs.